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Thursday 28 February 2013

GPRS Wireless Module Problem in Acorn Series 2 Wireless Cameras

Post Updated: 06.03.2013

Please note that the information in this post only relates to wireless cameras produced from December 2012 to February 2013.
Fig 1: 6210 Wireless PCB and SIM 900 Wireless IC

Fig 2: 5210 Wireless PCB and M10 Wireless IC
Early in February 2013 I received news from Acorn that they were having problems with the production of their wireless cameras.

I've delayed posting about this until now because I wasn't sure of enough detail to make an informed comment

It was obvious that something wasn't right because of recent problems with display and connectivity with the 6210MG which started last December. I've now got more information from Acorn and basically the situation is as follows.

I'm informed that the manufacturers of the original M10 GSM/GPRS Wireless Module (produced by a Shanghai local company) discontinued the product and forced Acorn to look for an alternative.

The new module is the SIM 900 which is produced by a big Shanghai international company; and is shown on the 6210 wireless

Thursday 21 February 2013

Help to save Sweden's Wolves

I have no way of quickly validating this story but if it's accurate then the Swedish Government needs to re-consider the way they are dealing with any conflict issues between wolves and reindeer.

Please go to the petition site to register your support for protection of this wolf.

Sponsored on the Care2 Petition site 
by: Mats Carnmarker

Susi, the female wolf, is extremely important to the whole of Sweden's wolf population. She has genes that are "fresh" and different from the rest of the populations which is inbreed. She needs to be

Monday 18 February 2013


Volunteer planting Juniper

Conservation charity Trees for Life has announced details of its Conservation Weeks for 2013, the Year of Natural Scotland – offering people the opportunity to make a positive difference to the environment whilst experiencing an unforgettable visit to the Scottish Highlands.
Alan Watson Featherstone, Trees for Life’s Executive Director, said: “The Year of Natural Scotland is the perfect time to enjoy Nature and wild Scotland, and to take action to restore the Caledonian Forest and its unique wildlife. Our 2013 Conservation Weeks offer an inspiring hands on conservation experience in breathtaking Highlands scenery of mountains, forest and rivers.”
Trees for Life is restoring the Caledonian Forest to a spectacular wilderness region of 1,000 square miles in the Highlands to the west of Loch Ness and Inverness.
The award-winning weeks will allow people from all sorts of backgrounds and experience to directly help in the restoration of Scotland’s equivalent of a rainforest. Trees for Life is running Conservation Weeks at

Monday 4 February 2013


Representatives from Diageo’s Speyside East distilleries
receive life membership certificates
from Alan Watson Featherstone (far right)
of Trees for Life, at Drummuir Castle.

Staff from six Moray distilleries are helping to bring Scotland’s ancient Caledonian Forest back from the brink by taking up life memberships of conservation charity Trees for Life.
Representatives from the Speyside East distilleries, run by leading drinks company Diageo, recently received life membership certificates from Trees for Life’s Executive Director Alan Watson Featherstone at a special event at Drummuir Castle, Diageo’s home of Scotch Whisky on Speyside.
Matthew Desmond, who works at Mortlach Distillery near Dufftown, developed the scheme in order to promote the importance of a healthy

Friday 1 February 2013

The world beneath our feet

So what did I do this morning. Had my breakfast, checked my email and got so captivated by this film of insect life that now it's nearly afternoon. It made a pleasant change from all the usual stuff.

Well worth watching but make a drink first.

Thanks to Nick Mann at Habitat Aid for finding this video
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