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Tuesday 23 August 2022

Changes to this blog and a new website

Over the next few weeks and possibly months I'm making changes to the layout of this blog and building a new website, so things are likely to move, disappear and/or re-appear.

Non of the help and information about cameras will be permanently lost but may get moved around, so please bear with me while I get things reorganised.

My new website address is:

There are inevitably going to be some dead links which I will correct as I become aware of them; but if you wish you can contact me about anything you can't find.

Hopefully this will not turn into too much of a marathon.

Wednesday 10 August 2022

Huge appetite among Scottish young people to work in rewilding

Trainee Callum Fraser carrying out a Herbivore Impact Assessment at Dundreggan estate
Trainee Callum Fraser carrying out a
Herbivore Impact Assessment
at Dundreggan estate
Credit: Paul Greaves

Rewilding charity Trees for Life has finished a landmark three-year skills development project to help 15 people from diverse backgrounds pursue a career in rewilding. 


With more than 1,000 people registering their interest to take part in the ‘Skills for Rewilding’ programme across its three-year run, the pioneering project has revealed a significant demand among Scots to find practical ways to help nature and the climate. 


Skills for Rewilding welcomed five people each year to the Trees for Life Dundreggan rewilding estate in Glenmoriston, west of Loch Ness, where they

Tuesday 2 August 2022

Bid to make Glen Affric Scotland’s next beaver release site


A community consultation that will help decide whether beavers are reintroduced to Glen Affric has been launched in the Scottish Highlands, led by Trees for Life.


The rewilding charity is carrying out the consultation on behalf of four private landowners and Forestry and Land Scotland, who all manage land that has habitat capable of supporting a beaver population. 


If the proposal is successful, it would be the first official release of beavers to the north-west Highlands since the species was driven to extinction some 400 years ago.


Trees for Life has long campaigned

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