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Monday 28 March 2016

The Great Crane Project in Somerset

Ltl Acorn 6310MG with standard lens

A while ago I was contacted by Damon Bridge, the Species Recovery Officer at The Great Crane Project in Somerset who asked if I could help him with the GPRS/SMTP setup for Ltl Acorn 6310MG cameras they were using to monitor predators in the project area.

I suggested he might like to send some images at some point to show progress and last week I received the following comment and pictures.

"Ltl Acorn 6310 cameras are being used by The Great Crane Project in Somerset to keep an eye on the movements of predators and to help inform the project team about incidences of disturbance. 

Cameras successfully showed that short sections of predator proof fencing erected across gateway entrances to fields caused predators to turn around and retrace their steps, rather than entering specific

Thursday 24 March 2016

Trees for Life rewilding project wins global conservation competition

Scots pines in snow at Coille Ruigh na Cuileigemed
Scotland’s only entry in a leading global conservation competition has won funding of more than £20,000 to address biodiversity loss and deforestation in the Highlands, including through the planting of 50,000 native trees and the creation of habitats that will offer a lifeline to endangered and rare wildlife.

Trees for Life’s Rewilding the Highlands initiative has won the Alpine category of the 2016 European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) Conservation Vote, securing more than 7,000 votes and widespread social media support in a tightly contested international online vote that was held

Beaver reintroduction a golden opportunity for Scotland

European beaver feeding © Laurie Campbell
Allowing beavers to be reintroduced to Scotland would be a golden opportunity offering wide-ranging environmental, social and economic benefits, said award-winning conservation charity Trees for Life today.

With the Scottish Government due to decide on whether Eurasian beavers will be allowed to live freely in Scotland after an absence of some 500 years, Trees for Life is urging ministers to fully recognise the beaver as a resident, native species.

It is nine months since Scottish Natural Heritage reported to the Scottish Government on the Scottish Beaver Trial – a five-year trial reintroduction of

Sunday 20 March 2016

Scotland’s only entry in major international competition aims to address biodiversity loss and deforestation

Pine marten © Laurie Campbell
Scotland’s only entry in a leading international conservation competition could this week secure funding to address biodiversity loss and deforestation in the Highlands.

Trees for Life’s Rewilding the Highlands initiative will receive more than £20,000 from the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) if it wins an online public vote, which is open to anyone until Tuesday 22 March.

The project  competing against three other shortlisted finalists in the bi-annual competition’s ‘Alpine’ category  will involve ambitious habitat creation to support endangered and rare wildlife, the

Saturday 12 March 2016

Voting urged for ambitious Rewilding the Highlands project

 Glen Affric © Laurie Campbell
An ambitious Highlands project aiming to establish one of the UK’s most inspiring examples of rewilding – with habitat creation for rare and endangered wildlife such as golden eagles and Scottish wildcats, the planting of 50,000 trees and a substantial boost for wildlife tourism – is to be launched if conservation charity Trees for Life wins an online vote to secure a major European funding award.

The charity’s Rewilding the Highlands project has been shortlisted to receive more than £20,000 in the European Outdoor Conservation Association’s (EOCA’s) funding scheme, with the outcome to be determined by online voting that will take place over
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